What Size Winch For Car Trailer You Need?

Did you know that when deciding on the ideal car trailer winch size for your specific use—whether it’s a utility or cargo purpose in the bumper-to-bumper range? You must first consider the distance between the placement of the winch on the vehicle—either the front or the back—and the trailer attachment spot.

What Size Winch is needed for your Car Trailer

Size matters when it comes to winches. The incorrect size of a winch can result in a variety of issues, such as inefficiency and broken machinery. What size winch do you need for your car trailer then?

The weight of your trailer and what kind of terrain you’ll be traveling through are two variables that will affect the answer. A good rule of thumb is to pick a winch that can handle your trailer’s weight plus at least 1.5 times as much weight. Therefore, if your trailer weights 4,000 pounds, you’ll need a winch that has a minimum 6,000-pound rating.

Remember that the weight number is just one component of the situation. The length and style of your vehicle’s tires are additional factors to take into mind. A more potent winch will be required to move a long car with large tires. On the other hand, if your car is short and has smaller tires, you can get away with a smaller winch.

What size winch is best for your vehicle trailer is ultimately up to you. Just make sure you weigh every aspect before making a decision.

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Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Size Winch for Car Trailer

The following factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the correct size winch for your car trailer:

1. Weight of the Car

The main consideration when choosing the right size winch is the car’s weight. Make sure the winch’s capability can support the weight of your vehicle. It’s advised to pick a winch that can lift at least 1.5 times as much weight as your vehicle.

2. Incline of the Surface

When choosing the right size of a winch, it’s also important to take into consideration the incline of the surface where the car will be pulled. To pull the car if the surface is steep, you will need a winch with a higher capacity.

3. Length of the Cable

Another important aspect to take into consideration is the length of the cable or rope that is connected to the winch. Make sure the cable is long enough to extend to the trailer’s attachment point for the car.

4. Type of Cable

Steel and synthetic cables are among the many kinds of cables that are included with winches. Steel wires are strong and capable of supporting large loads, but they are prone to rust and can be dangerous if they break. Although synthetic cables are safer and lighter than steel cables, they are less durable.

5. Winch Mounting Location

Another crucial factor to take into consideration is where the winch will be mounted. The cable or rope should be firmly fastened to the winch, and the winch should be mounted in a spot that can support the weight of the load.

Selecting the Right Size Winch Based on Car Weight

Here is a guide to choosing the correct size winch for your vehicle based on its weight:

1. Cars 3,000 lbs

You can use a winch with a 4,500 lb capacity if your vehicle weighs 3,000 lbs.

2. Cars between 3,000 lbs and 4,500 lbs

You can use a winch with a capacity of 4,500 to 6500 lbs if your vehicle weighs between 3,000 and 4,500 lbs.

3. Cars between 4,500 lbs and 6,000 lbs

You can use a winch with a capacity of 6,5000 to 9000 lbs if your vehicle weighs between 4,500 and 6,000 lbs.

4. Cars between 6,000 lbs and 8,000 lbs

You can use a winch with a capacity of 9,000 to 12000 lbs if your vehicle weighs between 6,000 and 8,000 lbs.

5. Cars above 8,000 lbs

If your car weighs more than 8,000 pounds, you should use a winch with a minimum 12000-pound capacity.

Vehicle WeightWinch Capacity
2,000 lbs3,000 lbs
2,500 lbs3,750 lbs
3,000 lbs4,500 lbs
3,500 lbs5,250 lbs
4,000 lbs6,000 lbs
4,500 lbs6,750 lbs
5,000 lbs7,500 lbs
5,500 lbs8,250 lbs
6,000 lbs9,000 lbs
6,500 lbs9,750 lbs
7,000 lbs10,500 lbs
7,500 lbs11,250 lbs
8,000 lbs12,000 lbs
8,500 lbs12,750 lbs
9,000 lbs13,500 lbs
9,500 lbs14,250 lbs
10,000 lbs15,000 lbs

Winch Sizes Explained

Think about your vehicle’s weight and the type of terrain you’ll be traveling on when deciding what size winch you need for a car trailer. A heavy-duty winch with a large pulling capacity is the best choice if you’re transporting an especially heavy load. A winch that can easily manage challenging or off-road terrain is also a good choice if you frequently drive on these kinds of roads.

The pulling capability of winches, which can be measured in pounds or tons, determines their size. A 1,500-pound winch may be sufficient for a small car trailer, but a 3,500-pound winch or more may be necessary for a larger trailer or one towing an especially heavy load.

Another crucial aspect to take into account is the engine size of the winch. A smaller motor may work well for light-duty applications, but it won’t have enough power to manage a large load or difficult conditions. For heavy uses, a large motor will provide the necessary strength and durability, but it may be overkill for lighter loads.

Finally, consider the wire rope that the winch is made of. Steel wire is more durable than synthetic rope, but it also corrodes more easily and wears out more quickly. Steel cable is more durable than synthetic rope, which is lighter and simpler to handle. The best option will ultimately rely on your personal needs and preferences.

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How to Determine What Size Winch Your Trailer Needs

You need to know a few factors in order to figure out what size winch your trailer requires. You must first be aware of your trailer’s weight. This information can be located on the placard that must be attached to every trailer. The tongue weight of your vehicle must second be known. The placard on the trailer also includes this information.

Find out what size winch your vehicle can handle as the next step. You can find this information in the owner’s manual for your car. Once you have all of this information, use the table below to determine what size winch your trailer requires.

There are numerous sizes and capabilities for winches. Recommendations for sizes are given in the chart below based on typical tongue weights and trailer weights. Choose a winch for your application using the information in this table as a beginning point.

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The suggested minimum winch size for different car trailer weights is shown in the table below. This assumes the use of synthetic rope with a 6mm thickness.

Car Trailer Weight (kg) Minimum Winch Size (mm)
2000           9.5
2500 10.0
2500-3500 10.5
 3500-4500 11.0


Can I use a winch with a lower capacity than my car’s weight?

No, it is not advised to use a winch whose capacity is less than the weight of your car because it could result in damage to both the winch and your car.


To protect your vehicle during transportation, it’s essential to choose the proper size winch for your car trailer. When choosing the proper size winch, you should take into consideration the weight of your vehicle, the slope of the surface, the length and type of the cable, and the winch’s mounting location. You should also spend money on a high-quality winch, think about the winch engine, and look at the winch’s braking system.

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